HaloIde project

Overall Goal:
Meet ideas conceptors, individuals who have problems with mental health practitioners in Indonesia. This is done to maximize the creative ideas of Indonesian youth through electronic media and also become a source of information related to mental health. To create collaboration that is innovative, effective and efficient.

We will use digital media to gather ideas, stories about sufferers' experiences and activities in the field or research for mental health practitioners in a smartphone application. All forms of ideas will be submitted in the form provided. We provide several features in sharing all forms of ideas, stories and activities. There is a description of the features that we will include in the event:
a. Post idea: in the form of ideas, stories or mental health related activities. In the ideas section, the latest and innovative ideas are expected to emerge in developing mental health in Indonesia. Next, in the story section, we hope that users will share their experiences in dealing with mental health phenomena around them. In the activity section, the user is expected to provide information regarding activities that have been carried out in improving mental health.
b. Comments: we have prepared a comment column for each post.
c. Share: this is useful in sharing posts that are considered to be able to inspire other social media users related to mental health innovations.

Resources Needed:
We need experts in making applications, marketing and scientists related to mental health.

We want to bring together ideas makers, practitioners and those who have mental health problems in one application, making it easier to exchange information related to mental health. This application can also be one of the data in proposing mental health policies in the government

by Azmul

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